Post-Grad. Days in Sussex

As I said before, I've moved to Sussex in the late August.
Above is a moment of the day I moved into the house. What a sky.

A few days later, we had a walk to South Downs national park.
What a sky!

Last week at 7 o'clock when I've been for a walk alone.
This is a massive field just outside the house and I was a bit scared because I couldn't see anything. Though I can usually view the national park behind here. What a sky..!!

Windows of my room. Thanks for the flowers Mario.

And I do enjoy observing abandoned buildings like this. This one is found just around my living area.

My recent practice, outdoor printmaking.
I'm learning it from Dora under the sun.
I haven't been working with much colours so long for some reason, but now I'm enjoying my works to be coloured and layered on and on.

Photos by Dora Burns and Honami Nishii
Print works by Honami Nishii