Better Pockets 2 _ FLEX Project

From the top to bottom, 
'Pregnancy', 'Private & Confidential', 'Dual access', 'Flexible capacity'.

Design and photograph -  Honami Nishii
Model - Aya Hino

Better Pockets
The idea of using pockets instead of bags.

  -  From the 17th century to the late 19th century, most women had at least one pair of pockets, 
  which served a similar purpose as a handbag does today. ('a history of pocket' available on V&A website.)

You wouldn't carry a bag or wallet without putting something in, would you?
But why do we often leave our pockets empty? Do you think pocket has become no longer functional, but just a decoration on your clothes? I have started my research with the idea of 'disused function' from conventional pockets, and eventually tried to re-deign pocket with FLEX(ibility) so that they have better use values.